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Coastal Passage Making with Ondeck Charleston Sailing School


Coastal Passage Making Certification

Coastal Passage Making teaches students how to sail from port to port while staying within 50 miles of shore. The Coastal Passage curriculum provides students with the opportunity to experience overnight sailing as well as nighttime landfall. This allows students to take the next step towards extended ocean passage making.


Students inspect inventory, establish watch schedules, calculate ETA's in consideration of wind, weather and current conditions. Students also take primary responsibilities for ensuring a safe and enjoyable passage. Students graduate with US Sailing's Coastal Passage Making Certification and the ability to organize and complete future passages on their own.


6-Day Class Format.





Yacht Preparation: Preparing for a passage involves a review of necessary provisions, the proper stowage and organization of all gear, hull design, rig configuration, sail inventory and safety gear. Preparation also includes setting up the boat for the crew to be comfortable and safe during the extended passage.



Sail Planning: Taking the extra measures and forethought required by longer passage legs and overnight sailing. Focusing on weather, current, distance, speed, navigational strategy and float plans.



Communications, Computers and Onboard Systems: Operating and understanding technology that adds comfort to a sailor's life at sea including weather fax, single sideband, GPS, course plotters, diesel engines, DC electronics and refrigeration.


> Overnight Sailing, Nighttime Landfall & Advanced Coastal Navigation: Fine-tuning existing skills of bareboat cruising and coastal navigation while experiencing the new challenges of overnight watch keeping and nighttime landfall. Passage will include an opportunity to test your basic navigation skills during a simulated electronic malfunction.


PART 1: 1 Day Vessel Systems & Passage Preparation


PART 2: 4-5 Day Coastal Passage Practical


Prerequisite: Bareboat Cruising and Coastal Navigation


Certification: US Sailing Coastal Passage Making certification available.


Cost: $2880


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